Personal Democracy Forum 2008

Session: Design Principles for Online Democracy: Connecting Government and Constituents in the Internet Age
Why is it that the best designed government web portals are for collecting your taxes, and the worst ones are for gathering your input? Maybe it's time for Government 2.0. This panel of experts are are pioneers of e-democracy, and they will wrestle with these questions:
-How can we help elected officials listen and interact more effectively with their constituents?
-Can government be reinvented as a platform for civic collaboration?
-What lessons have you learned from your own e-democracy projects?
-What obstacles stand in the way of progress?
Moderated by Justin Hamilton
Session Details
Speakers: Sarah Schacht
5.0 stars
Tom Steinberg
5.0 stars
Steven Clift
5.0 stars
Sheila Campbell
5.0 stars
Alan Rosenblatt Ph.D.
5.0 stars

Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008
2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
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Rating: 5.0 stars
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Location: Breakout Room A
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By: Lou Klepner
on Jun 24 2008
at 08:09 PM EDT
Loved it!
Wish we had more time!

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